Evoke Education (Moe the Monkey)

Evoke Education (Moe the Monkey) has worked in the education sector for 20 years and has been proactive in supplying new technologies to schools. We feel that this year will see the emergence of interactive technology such as VR, AR, 3D and holographics.

We have developed an interactive avatar system that has the ability to see and hear children. It can respond to its audience in pitch altered voice. Children that have seen the monkey are fully engaged and respond in a more open and friendly manner than they would with their teacher, even though their teacher was driving the monkey. It was suggested to us by an executive head teacher that due to the “cuteness” of the monkey it could conduct a non-threatening interview if used by a professional child counsellor.

Moe the Monkey

Moe was on the BBC today on Crimewatch Roadshow, How great was that! Watch the video clip here...

Moe on TV again!

How the system works

The avatar is controlled by a motion capture system, cameras and microphone, this allows the avatar to mimic the controller’s movement, and the sound controls the movement of the mouth. The avatar has many facial expressions. The camera’s and sound system allow the controller to see and hear its audience from wherever they are resulting in a truly interactive experience. The whole system is recordable for further investigation.

Empowering Teachers

Evoke Education helps teachers to deliver their lesson content in new and exciting ways. The characters speak, move and can hear their audience – perfect for engaging with children and encouraging them to listen to every word. Teachers can deliver their own lessons through the characters. They can create lesson plans around the technology, or simply use the technology to enhance their existing teaching methods. Our characters aren’t a teacher substitute, they are a teaching aid.

Cutting-edge Classrooms

At Evoke Education, we’re committed to creating the classroom of the future. We believe that immersive and holographic technologies will form part of tomorrow’s classrooms and we’re ready to deliver that technology to schools today.

The uses for holographic technology in schools can only grow. In the coming years, we are planning to expand the range of characters we offer, grow our technological capabilities and make holographs a
mainstream teaching aid in schools across the UK. As well as teaching lessons, holographic technology can be used for remote collaboration between students and teachers and to bring subjects such as science and history to life.

Moe comes into schools through a holographic kiosk which can be used in classrooms, hallways and assemblies. Teachers control the character from another room, using a camera and microphone to speak to students and ask and answer their questions. Teachers bring Moe to life with expressive language, gestures and body language to create a truly interactive and magical experience for children.

The cabinet is portable and easy to set-up. Before teachers introduce their class to the characters, they are trained in how to use the technology, information they can then share with colleagues to ensure the whole school can benefit from using Moe.